EHG awarded UNFPA Supplies Midterm Evaluation

EHG was contracted to carry out a midterm evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (formerly referred to as the Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security).

The evaluation is designed to assess progress in implementation since 2013 (till end 2016) and expected to support learning and accountability of UNFPA. In addition to assessing the DAC criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, the evaluation will also address issues of gender equality, social inclusion and equity. Coordination with national partners and other actors as well as the catalytic role at all levels (global, regional and national) of UNFPA will be evaluated.

Four field-based country case studies and five desk-based country case studies will be at the centre of the midterm evaluation. An online survey on UNFPA Supplies interventions and results at country level, group interviews and focus group discussions as well as key informant interviews will be carried out.

The EHG core evaluation team consists of four international experts and four national experts supported by EHG in-house staff. Quality assurance is performed by an external QA advisor along with EHG staff.