The Millennium Development Goal Initiative (MDGi) in Zambia

EHG (lead), in partnership with Itad, is currently carrying out a mid-term evaluation and an ex-post evaluation of the MDGi, contracted by the EU. The assignment has two distinct phases; the mid-term evaluation (October 2016 – March 2017) and the ex-post evaluation (September 2019 – February 2020). The MDGi is a 48.7 million Euro programme funded mainly by the EU with additional funding from UNICEF, geared towards supporting the Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child Health and Nutrition programme (RMNHCH&N) in two provinces covering about 30% of the Zambia’s population. The programme aims to increase the availability and use of, as well as demand for, quality health and nutrition services by vulnerable women, adolescents and children in selected urban and rural districts in the two provinces.

Both evaluation phases will distinguish between programme support to national health systems strengthening (HSS) and improved RMNCH&N service delivery to the final beneficiaries at health facility and community levels. The MTE will focus on processes, activities and outputs and include an analysis of available indicators, and the sharing and use of information so as to understand the extent of progress. The focus will also take into account people’s perception of progress, and what could be improved in terms of design and implementation. The evaluation will assess performance to date and propose actionable, realistic recommendations for implementation during the rest of the programme.

The team of eight will seek information from programme documents, interviews with staff at central and facility levels, as well as end-user interviews and focus group discussions. Following the field work, the findings will be shared with the direct users in provincial validation workshops, as well as with key policy makers and senior MoH staff and partners in a national workshop with the aim of making practical use of the results in future implementation of this and other programmes.

The core team consists of four senior consultants assisted by four national consultants.