Investing in adolescents, girls and young women – the Global Fund

EHG was commissioned by the Global Fund Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG) to conduct a thematic review of the implementation of HIV gender-responsive programming targeting adolescents, girls and young women at country level. The review spanned 18 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, DRC, Kenya, Lao PDR, Malawi, Mauritius, Moldova, Mozambique, Philippines, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Sudan, Uganda and Zimbabwe) and was conducted by a multi-disciplined team of specialists which included, Rose Gawaya, team leader and gender and evaluation specialist, Sanja Matovic Miljanovic (EHG Staff), Arlette Campbell White, Deborah Mcsmith and Tabitha Mulyampiti.

 The review found that the Global Fund guidance on addressing the needs of women, adolescents, girls and young women (AGYW), specifically for HIV programming,  is both timely and appropriate: the Global Fund is making a real difference in raising the profile of programming focused on gender and AGYW. However, countries are still facing challenges in understanding and using data for evidence-based planning. These challenges include incorporating the voices of girls and young women in planning, implementing and monitoring evidence-based AGYW interventions.