Global Health Minders and the “Grand Convergence” in Health

In collaboration with the Global Health Unit of Rigshospitalet and other key partners, Global Health Minders organised a number of public meetings and events, including the debate “What comes first – education or health?”, the “Ebola 2014 Meeting”, and two seminars on “Targeted Health Care Services for Migrants” and “Global Maternal and Child Health”.

A major highlight was the seminar with Dr Gavin Yamey from the Lancet Commission on “Investing in Health” held in November 2014. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the World Bank’s 1993 World Development Report (WDR), a Lancet Commission consisting of 25 renowned global health experts and economists was established to re-examine the case for investing in health and to develop a new financing framework to achieve dramatic health gains by 2035 – called the “grand convergence”. Dr Yamey led the writing of the commission's report, "Global Health 2035: A World Converging wtihin a Generation", which makes the case that:

  • The returns on investing in health are even greater than previously estimated
  • Within a generation—by 2035—the world could achieve a “grand convergence”, bringing preventable infectious, maternal and child deaths down to universally low levels
  • Taxes and subsidies are a powerful and underused lever for curbing non-communicable diseases and injuries
  • Progressive universalism, a pathway to universal health coverage (UHC) that targets the poor from the outset, is an efficient way to achieve health and financial.

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