EHG and ITAD awarded the Global Fund Strategic Review 2015

In December, the partnership of EHG, ITAD (lead) and University of California San Francisco began implementation of the Global Fund’s 2015 Strategic Review.  The assignment is twofold as it entails 1) conducting a mid-term review of the implementation of the Global Fund’s 2012-2016 Strategy and 2) assessing impact made against HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria over the past decade.  The midterm represents the first major review of the Global Fund “transformative” strategic framework that was developed to address a changing external funding environment, the need to increase impact and value for money and the recommendations of the High Level Panel report on the Global Fund efficiency and effectiveness.  The review is formative in nature with findings geared toward providing a balanced picture of the extent to which the Global Fund reforms are being effectively implemented.