DRG costing and payment exercise in the Republic of Moldova

EHG was contracted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection in Moldova to provide technical assistance (TA) to the National Health Insurance Company (CNAM). The TA focuses on strengthening the function and capacity of procurement of hospital services by calculating the hospital costs for services based on diagnosis related groups (DRGs) and recalculation of cost-weights of DRGs used to fund hospitals.

The EHG team developed costing tools, conducted the costing study in fifteen hospitals and are currently working on development of a methodology for costing and calculation of a new set of local cost-weights for all 695 DRGs. The team developed a data collection guide for hospitals to serve as an instruction manual that accompanies the Excel-based costing templates for each participating hospital tailored specifically according to their cost structure. Further, the team reviewed costing results from the first seven hospitals and preliminary findings are followed by a workshop presenting new data collection standards and specification of new data collection interfaces. The team is working on a user guide for the national staff who will be responsible for undertaking the costing process for future annual DRG costing studies. The guide will include a step-by-step manual for creating and maintaining a hospital costing model in CostPro software. At the end of the project the team will develop a set of recommendations to improve hospital funding policies.